Life continues to create adventures I could never possibly understand, and my journey to fertility work is one of them.

I grew up in Stoughton, WI and moved to DeForest, WI upon completing Chiropractic college, because of my husband’s job. I attended UW-Platteville and received my bachelors degree in Biology with a Zoology emphasis and a Business minor. After graduation, I moved to Davenport, IA to pursue my dream career – a Doctor of Chiropractic. Having all of my family working in the medical field, and myself working as a Nursing Assistant for 6 years, I have a deep respect for both sides of the health spectrum. I love science and have a passion for research, which as you will see is evident if you’re around me very much!

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in February 2010, with an extra nutrition certification and my C.C.E.P (Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner) degree. In 2014 I got certified in Webster Technique and started a new path being trained by the best of the best with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Life has awesome ways of showing you what is truly meant to be. I firmly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, and to become stronger, more resilient and HEALTHY when interference is taken out of the body. This was proven to us in December of 2010. I was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer when our son was 3 months old, and diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) in February of 2011. I went through 3 surgeries, and chose a route that differs from most, and chose to decline chemo and radiation. In the end of April, my husband Shawn and I headed to Mexico to check in to the Gerson Institute. We learned a massive amount of information and have brought it home with us, to continue the 2 year long therapy. In just 6 months after starting the therapy, September of 2011, my scans showed clear, no sign of disease. Even at my 5 year post diagnosis appointment in December of 2015, all labs continue to be ideal, no sign of disease.

When I started helping families achieve their goals with the understanding I had from healing myself, our success rate with fertility took off. I am honored to serve the families and babies that grace our clinic and now through an online resource as well, and I am certain we CAN change the future health of this world by focusing on the most important aspect, preconception! Since then, I’ve had the honor to become one of the Instructors for the ICPA, passing on my passion for the fertility and preconception world, and how we can influence our kids. That is how this online forum got started, to continue the conversation happening in the seminar, or if you haven’t been to a seminar, to gain the understanding to help yourself and your family be their best!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you on many levels today. I look forward to building a caring, trusting, and healing relationship with you. I truly appreciate you and am honored to be a member of the Lodi community. I’m excited to play a supporting role in your most vital possession-your great health! I wish you all of life’s sweetest gifts and may God richly bless your life!

Dr. Marcia

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