so you're about to enter motherhood

Let's change the discussion about preconception!

The way this happens is helping couples in the TRUE first trimester - the 120 days PRIOR to conception.

Through the science of epigenetics, we understand that genes aren’t the problem, the environment is. We know that how we perceive our world is how we adapt to our world, and what we think about we bring about - it starts prior to conception.

Healthier parents have better fertility outcomes, better pregnancies, healthier babies, and better postpartum experiences. Our responsibility is empowering healthy families from fertility forward, and to be honest, there’s no better profession to aid in this mission.

To make it short, couples need to prepare to conceive a radiantly healthy baby!

The 6 most dangerous words in medicine: “It’s always been done this way”....Let's change the discussion around preconception.

- Dr. Marcia Schaefer

there is hope.

This is right for you if...

You are open-minded and ready to look for options for preconception.

You are ready to prepare for the best outcome for you and your family.

You want health to be the primary focus prior to become pregnant.


Hi, I'm Dr. Marcia Schaefer.

When I started helping families achieve their goals with the understanding I had from healing myself, our success rate with fertility took off. I am honored to serve the families and babies that grace our clinic and now through an online resource as well, and I am certain we CAN change the future health of this world by focusing on the most important aspect, preconception!

Since then, I’ve had the honor to become one of the Instructors for the ICPA, passing on my passion for the fertility and preconception world, and how we can influence our kids. That is how this online forum got started, to continue the conversation happening in the seminar, or if you haven’t been to a seminar, to gain the understanding to help yourself and your family be their best!

I truly believe we can change the future of our kids health, but it’s going to start with a focus being on the health of the parents prior to conception. Healthy parents conceive easier, have better pregnancies, and give birth to healthier babies. I look forward to bringing this protocol and information to the world, through the offices that implement the information learned.

the program

what will you learn in this program?

Week One - Benefits of the Protocol, Understanding Mens and Womens Hormones

Week Two- What’s the Problem? Learning to Let Go

Week Three- The Importance of Adaptogens

Week Four- Hydration, Letting Go and Taking Action

Week Five- Changing communication codes, from the cell up!

Week Six- The massive power of rest, and how fear impacts our outcomes

Week Seven - The Power of Movement, and Letting go of Desire

Week Eight - What Do I Feel Like, and the power of Anger

Week Nine- When Diet just isn’t enough, and pride in how far you’ve come

Week Ten - Courage, and How You See the World

Week Eleven - Finding Acceptance, Seeing Our Healthy Future

Week Twelve - The power of love, and your next steps

“I felt so good during my pregnancy that the age factor didn’t even cross my mind! I’ve seen so many more women in their 40’s having healthy pregnancies that I know age is just a number you set in your mind. Feeling my daughter kick was absolutely amazing – I didn’t feel as much activity with my first child so that has been such an amazing experience! I loved the energy, and appreciated it so much week to week. I feel the care with Dr.Marcia having weekly treatments to keep my body aligned, getting some moderate exercise and eating the best I could during the entire pregnancy.”

~ Jen Sullivan


The Program is $500

If you are interested in joining this program, please call or email us to see if you qualify.