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Welcome to the member’s area! From here, you can access all your training programs and content. If you have any access issues, please email us here.

Welcome to the Movement

I’m so happy you decided to join this movement to empower healthy families from fertility forward – you are a change maker, and your world is going to be abundantly blessed because of your heart, vision and drive.

You’re on MY team now – and I want nothing more than for you to get value that will help grow your business and change lives forever. You will find all the content here in our Health Hub.


Take a tour of the Hub with Dr.Marcia!

The Truth About Fertility Hub contains all of the training content associated with your Truth About Fertility membership.

We strive to keep all of the information for this membership as streamlined as possible to make it easy for you to get around. There are multiple ways to be involved, and we will get to that, but your baseline information and tools to get you off the ground and successful is right here!

If you get lost at anytime, come on back to this tour of the Hub to get your bearings – think of it like your compass.

You can also email us at hello@drmarciaschaefer.com and someone on our team will get you squared away.

Don’t forget about the other members! This membership includes access to a rabidly supportive community of docs and students just like you! Click here to join the group.

Roadmap of the Truth About Fertility Hub

The Hub is organized as follows. Each section builds on the previous, and you need to complete one to move on to the next. Be sure you see the “completed” button as you work through each lesson so it automatically continues to move you forward!

This is our administrative unit, with information about using our membership service and additional resources.

Truth About Fertility Success Path. In order to get you moving down the road to success, we have literally created a path to follow – no matter where you’re starting. In this introductory unit, learn which stage of the Success Path you are currently on, and what training content you need to focus on to keep moving up.

Fast Start Guide. This is an opportunity to jump in and learn all about each of the essentials. It’s just what it says it is – a fast start guide! it provides insight and action steps with each essential to get you started or to give you a base to understand the protocol from.

Certification. If you choose to become certified in The Schaefer Protocol, you can choose to apply and start your certification. The certification takes a minimum 120 days to complete, and prepares you to understand and work with the protocol for your own health, or to bring to your practice and use with your practice members. Upon certification, you are added to our website search feature, giving you further prestige and allowing couples to find you.

Mastermind. This is our highest level, mastery certified. In order to join The Schaefer Protocol Mastermind, you must first be Certified in The Schaefer Protocol. This is for doctors who want the highest level of accountability and plan to work mainly with preconception couples and in the hormone and fertility space.

Additional resources exclusive to Truth About Fertility members:

Monday Whiteboards. Start your week out with an enlightening and open ended topic to gain clarity and move your practice members forward in their understanding of this paradigm of health.

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