What is the Schaefer protocol?

Dr. Marcia Schaefer is known as one of the top experts in the areas preconception and fertility.

In this program, you will learn the cutting edge strategies we utilize through the The Schaefer Protocol.

You will also have the opportunity to implement the essentials, from hydration, to food cycles, to movement and mindset. This will give you an opportunity to cement the lifestyle, and learn as you implement.

the program

what will you learn in this program?

Week One – Benefits of the Protocol, Understanding Mens and Womens Hormones

Week Two– What’s the Problem? Learning to Let Go

Week Three– The Importance of Adaptogens

Week Four– Hydration, Letting Go and Taking Action

Week Five– Changing communication codes, from the cell up!

Week Six– The massive power of rest, and how fear impacts our outcomes

Week Seven – The Power of Movement, and Letting go of Desire

Week Eight – What Do I Feel Like, and the power of Anger

Week Nine– When Diet just isn’t enough, and pride in how far you’ve come

Week Ten – Courage, and How You See the World

Week Eleven – Finding Acceptance, Seeing Our Healthy Future

Week Twelve – The power of love, and your next steps


The Program is $500

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